Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Photos of Recent Improvements on the layout.

These photos are from our 2016 Photo Book by Shutterfly.  95% of the Scenery shown is by Warren, Farm Structures by Jay and Will, Telegraph Poles by Vance, and Penn Station by Jay
Scratch Built Barn and Junk Pile.  Leg of the unfinished Wind Pump (Wind Mill).

Cattle Grazing along the tracks.  Guess we need a fence there.

Company House on the "Other Side" of the tracks.  Left over from abandoned coal mine.

Will's Chicken Coup, Tractor Shed, Pig Pen, and Jay's Barn

Will's Family Garden, Outhouse, Clothes Line and Jay's Farm House

Another view of the Farm House and Will's Tire Swing and Sand Box

Jay's Kit Bashed Organ Factory. Interior and Lights not finished yet. LW Barnhart was an actual West Virginia pipe organ builder in the 50s.

Jay's Scratch Built Penn Station Baltimore.  Roof now finished but still needs roof details, lighting, the concourse, platforms, stairways, and catenary.  The upper part of the station is built from resin castings.

Two of Vance's Telegraph Poles.  Vance is still building them and we have no idea how many more will be needed.  Last count yesterday was 47 poles and the WMRY still needs more.  Plus the PRR and all the utility poles for the small towns, Hagerstown, and Baltimore. 

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