Friday, January 9, 2015

First of year update

I read about a modeler who made a News Years resolution to complete one project on his layout per month so that at least 12 projects would be completed this year.

So I have taken the same approach to get more done on the layout.  So………………..

January:  Complete (finish) some structures that I have been fooling around with.  They range from 10% complete to 99% complete.  Also finish installing the temporary signals on the PRR side up to Warren’s gap.

February: Re-build the CTC to the changed design of the layout from the previous South Shore/ Western Maryland to the current PRR/Western Maryland.  Now that I have the Zing Air Cutter, I can cut the vinyl for the Model Board.

March: Build Penn Station Baltimore (also uses cutter), install the tunnels, and the city scenery areas and roads and roadbed for trolley/interurban Baltimore Transit.

April:  Build as needed and install signals on the Western Maryland end of the layout.

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