Saturday, October 18, 2014

NMRA MER Convention Handouts

As promised at the two clinics here is how to obtain the handouts for the Rock Carving and C/MRI Clinics given by Warren Hart and myself.  The Rock Carving handout was written by Warren.  The C/MRI handout was written by Dr. Bruce Chubb and is used by permission with him.

Materials Used By Warren and mentioned in his clinic.

Dap 00204 Weldwood Plastic Resin Glue -

Pacon Craft Supplies (PAC52720) -   (Plaster Cloth)

Just send me an email with the subject of "Convention Clinics" and indicate which or both of the clinics you would like.

Request Convention Clinic Handouts from Jay Beckham

I check my email regularly so you should receive the handout the same day you request it.

Hope you enjoyed our clinics as much as we enjoyed presenting them.

Below are the Power Point Presentations by Jay and Warren:

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