Thursday, January 2, 2014

Photo and text for crossover problem

My PRR mainline enters the Penn Station via track #1 and #2 both on a slight curve.  This curve duplicates the prototype’s exit from the B & P Tunnel under the streets of Baltimore.

The WM connects with the PRR at Fulton Tower on track #1 which is actually the wrong way as #1 is South Bound (towards the bottom of the photo) and #2 is North Bound.  So WM trains entering onto PRR trackage need to go from track #1 to #2 before reaching the turnout just beyond the solder gun laying on the roadbed.  It needs to then follow the ladder to the far right track as that track leads down through the city to Hillen station, which is WM terminal in Baltimore.

About where the Red #1 is located the tracks are almost straight so a RH turnout might fit there.  But I would need a curved turnout farther down on track #2 just before the soldering gun.

I have seen example where people have hand laid a crossover such as I need.  I sold my fast tracks jigs but should be able to lay out this crossover without it.  Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciate.  If I had BK do it I imagine the price would be prohibited.

The only thing I have come up with is to do a tracing of the existing rails (the #2 track was installed after this photo was taken) and use it and some curved templates to figure out the bends and cuts for two frogs and two sets of point rails.  Also the radius of these tracks are 54 and 58 inches as I recall.


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