Sunday, October 13, 2013

Middle Eastern Region of the NMRA Convention

Here are some photos of two of the three modular layouts on display at the convention hotel.
Below is a very well done O Scale layout.  Rail is handlaid and is code 100 which is pretty small for O Scale.

The following photos are of a rather large HO layout.  And yes two of these photos are of a castle.  I have never seen a castle on a layout and it is very detailed and well done.  In keeping with that theme the next two photos are a country village in England and one of the trains running was a British prototype I believe.



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  1. The 'Castle' is Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potter Movies. Specifically it looks like Universal Studios rendition of it at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Was this perhaps a mock up used either for the move or the ride in Orlando?