Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amtrak from Fulton Junction to Penn Station

Google Earth View.  The PRR tracks are shown.  The area that is white looking is where the WM entered PRR tracks
North Monroe St Bridge in background.  WM came from the right around the curve single track in our era.
First crossover after passing under North Fulton Ave.  This is from South Bound track to North Bound track.  This is the one I need to get WM trains to Hillen station.  However it is a very tight situation on the layout.
Here is the second crossover from North Bound track to South Bound track. We are under North Mount Street.
Further under North Mount Street.
Further Down the Track
Photographer zoomed back to show both crossovers.  About to enter the main portion of the B&P tunnel
The short section of semi covered tunnel just before going under North Ave.
Finally emerging from B&P Tunnel
The Semi Covered tunnel seen from Google Earth

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