Saturday, February 25, 2012

Progress Report 02/25/12

Hung more smaller pieces of drywall and installed some of the plastice channel to support the fiberglass tiles along the wiring channel or race.  I believe this is easier than putting up masonite sheets and screws. For now I have left the light cans un-covered to the wiring is done.  Leaving the 16 inch space occupied by the lights open, allows you to shift the fiberglass tiles back and forth to get access to the plugs for lighting.

Also installed some of the rope light hooks for the blue rope lights.  These are attached on the wood strip that secures the valance.  Also intend to start cleaning up all the trash from removing the old light and valance wood frames and roll up the unused rope lights and clips.  Then if time is left will continue to remove the old stuff from the ceiling, moving wires, and getting ready for more drywall which I will get Tuesday morning.

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